Thursday Thoughts: Introduction

I’m introducing something new to this book blog: Thursday Thoughts! I’m starting this because it would be a great opportunity for me to have regular, weekly posts. Lately, I have been swamped with midterms and haven’t been able to read books much (at least, be able to read the books that I want to read), so I’m not going to have a new book review or discussion for the next two weeks or so. By having Thursday Thoughts, I’ll have a guaranteed post every Thursday, where I talk about anything book-related and other subjects, such as career advice, school tips, etc. I also realized that I posted my first blog post (about why I started this blog in the first place) on a Thursday, so I thought that posting every Thursday would be appropriate.

I know that this is a short post, but I don’t have much else to say about my introduction to Thursday Thoughts, and I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m already drafting out ideas for future Thursday Thoughts posts, starting next Thursday, so get excited! Let me know if you have any requests for topics you would like me to talk about in a Thursday Thoughts post!

My “Currently” Reading Books

I use quotation marks around the word “currently” because I’ve had a constant stream of schoolwork and club obligations that I’ve needed to complete for these next couple of weeks. Ugh, it’s so hard getting around to reading when I’m swamped with schoolwork. I know that I can probably fit in a 30 minute break in between work, but I hate doing that because I end up becoming too engrossed with my books and being unable to return to my schoolwork and deadlines. Therefore now, I’m trying my best to finish up my work that’s due at the beginning of next week so that I can finally dedicate a few hours to simply sit down and read.


I’m a Book Blogger Now?

Welcome to The Page Chronicles! I say that to both you and me… We’re both new here. I’m currently a senior in college, but unlike most seniors I have a pretty hefty last semester to wade through. I spent most of my 3.5 years in this higher education institute overloading myself with classes to become more “qualified” for when I graduate college, and immersing myself heavily in school clubs. At this point, I’m feeling so apathetic with all the work I’ve piled on myself, and I’m ready to return to exploring my true passions and doing something that I truly have a lot of fun with – reading.