My “Currently” Reading Books

I use quotation marks around the word “currently” because I’ve had a constant stream of schoolwork and club obligations that I’ve needed to complete for these next couple of weeks. Ugh, it’s so hard getting around to reading when I’m swamped with schoolwork. I know that I can probably fit in a 30 minute break in between work, but I hate doing that because I end up becoming too engrossed with my books and being unable to return to my schoolwork and deadlines. Therefore now, I’m trying my best to finish up my work that’s due at the beginning of next week so that I can finally dedicate a few hours to simply sit down and read.

So the first book that I’m “currently” reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, the third book in the Throne of Glass series. Yes, I know that I’m extremely late to the bandwagon. I actually started the series back in 2013 when the first two books were out and the third wasn’t, and then I subsequently took my 2-year long book slump hiatus. Well, now that I’m back to reading, I picked up the series again! I ended up re-reading the first two books because I wanted to make sure I was up-to-date with the contents of them, and I’m super excited to begin reading this third book. I am admittedly putting off reading it however, because I really don’t like running through an incomplete series. I feel like it’s much less satisfying because I tend to forget details of previous books once later books are released years later (because I feel like release dates are always pushed back).

The second book that I’m currently reading is Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner. I picked it up because it’s the current book for the Perustopia Book Club. I’ve been following Sasha and Regan for a while, and they’re a couple of my favorite BookTubers (abookutopia and Peruse Project). Check them out if you haven’t already! I’m excited for this self-published book – it seems really interesting from its synopsis. I’ve always loved books that incorporated the Greek Gods, so I hope this book is just as engrossing. So far, I’ve just read the prequel, and it seems really interesting! I hope the characters develop well and that there aren’t too many predictable plot points. I’m finding it a huge struggle reading new books with the same trends and predictability of previously published books… Or maybe that just means that I need to take a break from reading young adult fantasy for a bit.

So those are the two books that I’m currently reading! I’ll be sure to post reviews soon once I finish each book. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting a review for at least one of them by two weeks. Fingers crossed.

What are your thoughts?