Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (Discussion)

Heir of Fire is the third book in the six-book Throne of Glass series. Please note that this book discussion contains spoilers!! I’ll be talking about my more in-depth thoughts on the book and predictions for the upcoming books. If you haven’t already, check out my book review!


New Important Characters

Rowan: Rowan is great. I like how he’s just so caring towards Calaena now and I’m incredibly happy that his blood bond with Calaena’s evil aunt was broken. At the start though, I was slightly off-put by their forced trainer-student status. It reminded me of a plethora of other books (e.g. Rose and Dimitri in Vampire Academy, and even Calaena and Chaol’s initial relationship). I knew that even though he was all broody at the beginning, he and Calaena would become friends (because that’s how it always works). Him and Calaena have such an interesting relationship now though, with them being able to read each other minds, have that blood power transference thing going on, and him being blood bound to her. I’m looking forward to seeing Dorian/Chaol’s reactions when they realize a guy is so close to Calaena. Especially because realistically, Rowan isn’t a legitimate candidate to end up with Calaena at the end.

Sorscha: I really didn’t like her. From the start when we first saw her, I had no real liking for her. I felt like the readers were supposed to like her because she had such innocent love for Dorian, but like… He’s the handsome prince… Doesn’t every girl around his age fawn over him and imagine themselves with him? Sure, Sorscha didn’t know he was the prince when she first saw him and fell in love with him (which is ridiculous, because that would be lust), but I still don’t think that made her special or anything. I guess I could see why Dorian would like her, but to fall that quickly for her and start to literally tell her all of the secrets around the castle was ridiculous. When they were all summoned by the king and Sorscha had a knife at her neck, I was excited, but didn’t really believe that she would die. So when she actually did die, I was shocked, but happy that she was out (am I an awful person). Looking back at it now, I would say her character addition was important because the pain she made Dorian feel at the end probably pushed him over to become a true king.

Manon: The author placed Manon’s first chapter pretty early in the book, and because of that I simply didn’t care about Manon at all initially. For the first quarter of the book or so, every time I got to her chapter, I wanted to skim it and get it over with. However, as time went on, I began to enjoy her plot line more. I would say it’s when Titus came along that I really became intrigued. I was so sure that Manon would win Titus and that it was their fate since Manon kept talking about how she felt the strings of fate tightening, or whatever. So when Abraxos  killed Titus in order to win her as his master, I was shocked. And then Manon started showing that she had a heart, and her saving the Petrah was so amazing, and I’m so excited to see where her story goes in the upcoming books. I also love Manon’s friendships with “The Thirteen” since it’s such a heartwarming dynamic. They all say they have no hearts or emotions, but it’s so obvious that they all care for each other so much. It’s a harsh environment for sure, how whippings and punishments are normal. I’m looking forward to seeing the witches interact with the other characters in the world, and whether or not Manon will truly fight for the King of Adarlan.


The Love

Compared to the last two books, there wasn’t as much overt romance in this one. Besides Sorscha and Dorian, I suppose… But their romance just seemed so unrealistic and their chapters had me rolling my eyes.

I feel like Rowan isn’t a legitimate candidate to be with Celaena, even though he sleeps in the same bed as her,  because it would be emphasized repeatedly how they had such a platonic relationship, how even though he was attractive, she just saw him as a friend, etc. etc. etc. But I love Rowan regardless, and I think it’s great the him and Calaena have such a great friendship.

So who am I rooting for Celaena to get together with at the end? Honestly, I feel like it’s realistically going to be Chaol. If Chaol and Dorian had a 50/50 chance in getting with Celaena, I would root for Dorian, but I just feel like it’s going to be Chaol at the end. It’s just emphasized so hard throughout even this book, when they’re not even physically together, how much they think about each other, flashbacks to what happened when they were physically together, etc.



  • Another reason why I feel like it’s much less likely for Dorian to end up with Celaena is because I feel like he’s going to die at the end. I think it’s going to eventually happen because he was turned into a monster thing by the king, and Calaena is really the only person who would be able to kill him. And when that scene happens, it’ll be interesting because Dorian has ice/wind/water powers, like Rowan, and it was said that those were the only powers that could go against Calaena’s powers. So maybe it’ll be like a Voldemort / Harry Potter scene at the end where it’s Calaena vs. Dorian…
  • They mentioned briefly that there was once this one girl who used to work in the Wendelyn kitchen and had “pure raw magic,” or something like that. I feel like we’re going to meet her in the upcoming books and that she’s going to join Calaena’s court.
  • Rowan x Manon!! I really, truly believe this is going to happen. Simply because they’re both immortal and they both look like they’re in their mid-20s. The only caveat is that I’m a tad confused on how witches procreate… With all of the witches being women, they never really mention any boyfriends/husbands/etc. The extent to which men are referred to by them is for blood or “to bed”. So maybe they don’t get romantic with men, but if they do, then Rowan x Manon all the way.
  • Manon is going to overthrow her grandmother somehow.
    • Manon, and therefore the other witches by association, are going to fight with Calaena, not against her.
    • Manon stealing the spider thread is going to bite her in the butt eventually.
  • Aedion is going to die. I really, really don’t want this to happen, but Aedion kept repeating that he’s afraid he’ll never get to see Aelin in action… So either he’s going to die, or the author is building up the moment that Aedion and Aelin meet again.


That was more of my thoughts on Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas! Let me know what you thought of the book and your predictions for later books in the series!

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