Who’s My Book Blog’s Target Audience?

Hi there, fellow book blogger! Or… Are you just an everyday reader who stumbled upon this post?

Even now after months of book blogging, I’m unsure of who my exact target audience should be. In other words, I’m conflicted and confused about what group of people I should tailor my posts for. Should it be the general population? Other book bloggers? A mix of those two?


Blog-Related Advice, Bookish Preferences, and Fun Facts Questions Answered

Last week on my Thursday Thoughts, I started a Q&A because I reached over 500 followers! Thank you so much to all of my subscribers, and also everyone who asked me questions – I had so much fun writing out the answers!

I broke up the questions by category (blog-related questions, bookish questions, and fun questions), sorted chronologically. I also tagged each person who asked me a question, so feel free to visit their blogs!


500+ Subscribers Q&A!

I just got home from my last final exam of college! Now I just need to wait for my grades to come out, and then I’ll be graduating in a week!

It’s exciting to be done with college, but that’s not the focus of this post. As I mentioned in my April Wrap-Up last week, I reached over 500 subscribers here on Page Chronicles!


Enjoying Assigned Readings?

None of my friends read in their spare time on a regular basis. I think this is because as students, we grew up with assigned readings that we dreaded reading and analyzing. Therefore, a lot of college students and recent grads that I know scoff and roll their eyes at their thought of reading “for fun” in their spare time. For reference, I’m surrounded by business and engineering majors, so not typically people who are known to read for fun.